Hi! Im Josephine De Veyra , the owner of the JD Freelancing Services here in the Philippines.

Hi! My name is Josephine De Veyra, a wife and a Mom of 3 smart kids. I started my career as a Purchasing Staff for 2 yrs, Bank Cashier for 5 years, Finance and Admin In Charge for almost 9 years and a Community Affairs Officer for almost 10 years. During my long time working in private and public offices, I did not have enough of everything I had learned, so I wanted to cultivate it to another level and I saw in many branches of offices the need for an effective way to facilitate and help our small and large entrepreneurs. For this reason I search and study the Virtual World. With the help of the FVA Academy, I was helped to further develop my other skills that I already use in the world I live in.

Through JD Freelancing Services it can help small and large businesses to develop and further strengthen their businesses through our Social Media. Through it we can also help our fellow freelancers to find employment that they can no longer afford. still need to get out of the house and huddle with passenger vehicles. Because they can now work at home with their families. With JD Freelancing Services we can also help other people looking for jobs online because weekly we will post Companies who are still looking for Virtual Assistants or Virtual services that they needed for their company.

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